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Take 10 and Discover Why Your Clients Buy

In 10 minutes or less, you can be on your way to identifying and speaking to your ideal clients…so you can start connecting with those who need you most right away.

Introducing a simple online assessment that cuts through the clutter and lets you see exactly what your ideal clients want and need most.

This easy-as-pie assessment can be used to:

You’re just a few clicks away from a flood of ideal clients!

Your ideal clients are waiting for the transformations only you can give them…once they “get” how you can help them solve their deepest, most painful problems.

Check it out yourself.

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Cathy Vartuli
Cathy Vartuli

"We used our InstantClientGenerator™ words in our newsletter and had double the sales from the very first newsletter we sent out." ~Cathy Vartuli, Thriving Now

Julie Henderson
Julie Henderson

"After I received my profile assessment, all I could say is, WOW! The results were 100% accurate! If you want to know what irresistible words only your perfect prospects can hear, ask InstantClientGenerator. This simple, scientific tool is exactly what I needed to get crystal clear on the words to use to form a connection with my perfect prospects, and work with the people I love to work with!"
~Julie Henderson, author of Expect Success Be Unstoppable.

How many people can use this assessment?

It’s up to you! Each license is good for one use, but you can pick up 1, 3, or 5  licenses for use by your top clients and yourself.

Be sure to choose people who (1) you love working with and who can afford you and (2) who love your work and see great results. If you are just getting started and don't have clients yet (or if your current clients aren't ideal) choose from colleagues, friends, or mentors that you connect with well and who love your work. It's important to select carefully and consciously because you WILL attract more clients just like these. And that's a good thing!

How does this work?

As soon as you complete your purchase, you’ll go immediately to the registration page where you'll get your own password-protected back office. There you will enter your contact information and the email addresses of the clients who will take the assessment. (Be sure to bookmark that page. You can come back later if you don't have their email addresses right now or if you'd like to purchase more assessments.)

As soon as you (and your clients) complete the simple assessment and click submit, you’ll get instant access to the results in an easy-to-read PDF 20 page ebook that reveals the test-taker’s approach to relationships, change, leadership, creativity, and more. Basically, you’ll see at a glance what makes that test-taker tick....which will help you to communicate directly to their innermost wants and needs! Your results will also stay stored in your private back office.

Connie Long
Connie Long
"After changing my website using Words from my InstantClientGenerator™ word List, I got  5 hot leads from my website in the first 5 days and closed a $10,000 deal from one of those leads." ~Connie Long, Connie Long Interiors

Ann Corcoran
Ann Corcoran

"InstantClientGenerator™ system  removes the guesswork so it’s easy to know what to say and write to attract the clients who are right for YOU. I know exactly which words, phrases, stories, pictures, and photos speak to my ideal clients’ challenges and desires. And it lets me stand in my own authentic, unique power. My perfect clients feel the connection with me, because InstantClientGenerator™ showed me what to say."  ~Ann Corcoran of The Inner Oomph

What’s the investment for this assessment? 

First, let’s think about how many clients are walking away from your business now because they just can’t see the power of your solutions. Are you talking to dozens or hundreds of potential clients who are saying “No thanks” by the end of your sales calls? Are you getting website visitors who click away again, never to return?

If so, you could be missing out on hundreds or thousands of dollars in potential revenues, each and every month!

Wouldn’t you much rather spend your time and marketing efforts connecting with your ideal prospects who are eager and willing to sign on as high-paying clients?

So if you're wondering if you can afford this assessment right now, ask yourself, "Can I really afford not to?" The truth is, your sales and marketing challenges aren't going to get any better unless you do something differently.

My Risk-Free Guarantee             
I'm so confident in the value of this program that I'm taking all the risk. If you should feel that the InstantClientGenerator™ assessment isn't a good fit, you may request a full refund up to A Full Year after your purchase. No questions asked. Just send an email and the refund is yours.

This assessment is your chance to learn vital information with the potential to turn your business around. I would LOVE to see you celebrate all the new clients you attract because you learned how to be an authentic, irresistible marketer.

Okay, I’m ready to begin reading my prospects’ minds…how do I get started?

Just click the Get Instant Access  button below to use the unique InstantClientGenerator™ assessment  today!

Please Note: While it is effective to use a single client as a type of your best client, for best results ask 3-5 clients to take the assessment so you can get a broader picture of who you are attracting. And don't forget to take it yourself, too.

$97 for each assessment

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